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Helpful Information on Dachshunds

Here you will find all kinds of information. This page will be a constant work in progress. We hope this will help you with your Dachshunds or decide if a Dachshund is right for you. Enjoy! If any other breeders would like to add any info to this please send me an email and we will add it!

Male vs Female: Our thought on this is, if it will be fixed, they are equal. My personal choice for a pet is a male. When fixed before puberty they will not hike their leg to mark territory. There is a belief that females make better pets and that is most certainly not true. Ask any breeder! We don't call our girls the "B" word for nothing!

Question: Is a Dachshund the right dog/puppy for me? Answer: Well, it could be! Dachshunds make wonderful companions for just about anyone. We have found them to be the most loving dogs. They love to curl up and snuggle with you! They need to be socialized at an early age to accept change and new people easily. They make great lap dogs as well. You must remember, Dachshunds ARE hounds. They will bark when someone knocks on the door or if they hear something outside. They were orginally bred to go in after badgers because of this you will also find some like to dig. This is what they were bred to do. So, if you want a sweet snuggle partner that will occasionaly chase a rabbit, dig a hole in the back yard, bark at an "intruder", look at you with those sweet eyes knowing they are hanging off every word you say, then it's definately worth looking into. 

Question: Are Dachshunds hard to potty train? Answer: No, but they can be a bit stubborn. We crate train ours and we've had great success with this method. Dogs do not want to use the bathroom where they eat/sleep. Begin feeding them and letting them sleep in their crate. It will become their "safe" place as well, as Dachshunds like to burrow or make a den. Be sure to take your dog/puppy out first thing in the morning, after meals, play and before bed time. Don't punish the dog or puppy for accidents and put him in his crate. We want the crate to be to him as a "safe" place to go, not for punishment. When the puppy/dog does use the potty oustide, praise him LOTS and give him a treat! He/she will catch on that this is what you want him/her to do. All dogs try to please their owners!! Note: Make sure the crate is big enough for him/her to stand up and turn around in. You want it to be comfortable but not so big that he/she can designate their own potty spot inside the crate.

Question: What color is THAT Dachshund? Answer: Well, it could be several! Maybe it's a pattern? Dachshunds come in a wide range of colors/patterns and coat combinations. Coat types are: Long, Smooth and Wire.

Colors are: Red, Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Black and Cream, Chocolate and Cream, Cream, Blue and Tan, Isabella and Tan, Wild Boar and Wheaten. (Wild Boar and Wheaten or most commonly found on wire Dachshunds)

Patterns are: Dapple, Double Dapple, Piebald, Brindle and Sable

Most of these colors can be found on most if not all three coats and that also goes for the patterns as well. There are MANY coat, color and pattern combinations and that's what makes the Dachshund so unique.

Note: There are NO rare color Dachshunds. However, the Sable pattern is most likely the hardest to find. Most are mis-marked and are really red with an overlay. I will go more in deepth on each color/pattern at a later time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call. If we don't have the answer, we will find it for you!



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